Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun

My first few polls have been based on food.  Now that I've gotten a burger Scaddy's, and dessert at Coney's, I am ready for some adventure.  Where is your favorite place to spend time during the summer?


I couldn't find Boondocks on Twitter and Trafalga hasn't ever posted anything on their accounts.  So I have left it to these five.  It should be a competitive week, so make sure to vote on the poll.  If you tweet make sure it has @downrightdave in it, or I won't see it.  Thanks for helping us find out who is this weeks Best of Utah on Twitter!

Click here to vote in the poll:

Don't see a place here you love, want to tell us why we should vote for your place?  Add a comment below and tell us why.