Friday, June 10, 2011

Burger Battle

Best of Utah on Twitter begins with a Burger Battle.  After asking around, and checking to see if some of my favorite burger places were on Twitter, I narrowed it down to five.

Five Guys:
Iceburg Drive Inn:

Here is the tweet I sent out:

What's the best Utah burger on Twitter? @sammyscafe @SmashburgerUT @Five_Guys @Scaddys @IcebergDriveInn or other? RT & respond.

Several fans quickly responded, the first two were for Smashburger, then one for Scaddy's and Five Guys,  the first company to respond was Sammy's.  Sammy's has always been really good at responding to their followers, so this was not a surprise.  Then another vote for Smashburger, Five Guys, and Sammy's.  Scaddy's was the second business to respond, I was really happy that these companies were willing to respond and engage their followers, even some random guy like me.

I am not going to list every vote, but it continued really close the rest of the day.  The third company to respond was Coneys, who I hadn't even put in the competition.  For Coneys to find out that I was doing this poll, and to be proactive enough to respond was amazing to me.  Major props to them and their business, you can bet that I will find a way to include them in my future polls.

After one day it was really down to Smashburger, Scaddy's and Sammys, maybe it is an S thing?  I was kind of disappointed in Five Guys, they were the only business that did not respond.  They had several big supporters, but just not quite as many as the other three.  Five Guys lack of engagement really hurt them in my eyes as well.

Finally, on day two, one of the companies took my business, and this poll, serious and posted this to their followers, instead of just a reply to me:

Hey Scaddy's fans.  Tell @downrightdave why he needs to visit Scaddy's in his search for a great SLC burger.

Even more of their fans responded and I liked that they were proactive.  I also got a second response from Sammy's on day two as well as my first response from Smashburger.  But when all was said and done, it was Scaddy's who received the most votes.  They were willing to do the most to get me there.  Not only were they the most engaging, and received the most votes, but they also had the least followers of any of the companies.  They were able to do more with less.  So if you are not following them already, please do.  Even more importantly, see what everybody is talking about and check out one of their 3 locations and try them yourself!

Disagree?  Still think your favorite place is better?  Want to give even more support for Scaddy's and tell us why they are the best?  Please leave a comment below, and continue to check back each week to look for and support the Best of Utah on Twitter.


  1. Funny how you mention that Sammy's has always been good to respond. Last time my wife and I went there at the beginning of May we had TERRIBLE service, our food was just ok, and our shakes were melted before they got to us. The guys who work there (both times I have gone) have the look on their face like "I couldn't care less if I get your order right and I hate working here." Anyway, I tweeted my displeasure to them and funny enough all was silent. Why is it a company can't stand up and say, "yeah we messed up, let me make it up to you"? Needless to say there are a lot of other places I'd rather try out before I ever go back to Sammys.

  2. Oh one that isn't listed? Ripples! They are so good! The only problem with them is their hours are all across the board since it is just a small family owned place.

    I haven't tried all the one's on the list but maybe I should now... I have heard great things about Smash Burger!

  3. Elyse, is Ripples on twitter? Brock, I have heard one or two other people say the same thing, but I have never had a problem, maybe I'm lucky.

  4. My two cents: Smashburger has the best tasting burgers. Very flavorful and juicy burgers.

    I haven't been to Sammy's in nearly a year so I can't comment on recent service, but back in the day the employees were always friendly and helpful.

    Now I want a burger for lunch.