Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pizza Results

Last week we had over 200 people take part in our poll.  This week I added two more participants, going from 5 to 7.  I figured we would have even more, but I was very disappointed.  The 4th place winner last week received more votes, in their poll, than the entire field this week.  Not a single one of these seven companies did a single thing, or sent out a single tweet. 

Here are the contestants, if we can call them that:

Since there were so few votes, I also added in any tweets, that I was able to see to their numbers.  Here are the results:

The Pie Pizzeria: 12
Brick Oven: 7
Pizzeria 712: 4
Pizza Pie Cafe: 3
Nico Pizza: 2
Slab Pizza: 1
5 Buck Pizza: 0

Not a single one of these places did anything to make me want to go out of my way to go there.  If you are hungry, you should check out Coneys or Scaddys.  If you really are craving pizza though, head to The Pie Pizzeria if you are in Salt Lake, Brick Oven if you are in Provo, and Pizzeria 712 in Orem.

Since I would like to have something positive to say about a company on Twitter, I would like to suggest Seven Peaks (@ProvoSevenPeaks).  They are new to Twitter and have done a great job of interacting with me and their followers.  If you follow anyone this week it should be them.  Send them a message and tell them @downrightdave sent you.   If you want to go this summer, send me a tweet and I would love to join you!

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  1. We drove past Seven Peaks today, and it looked awesome. I'd go if I had more money...

    Also, just fyi, Brick Oven hasn't used Twitter in forever, and are just getting back into it with a new name covering all their locations: @BrickOven1956. We might have had better results with that name... We'll see how they do. They seem to favor Facebook.