Friday, June 17, 2011

Dairy Dessert Duel Results

Thank you for all of those that voted!  We got 232 votes, as well as many tweets throughout the week.  This blog has now been up for a week and has reached almost 400 hits.  I hope that it has helped you learn more about some businesses in Utah, and those that are proactive and able to find ways to engage their followers.  Please give this blog, as well as @downrightdave, a follow to keep updated weekly on the best of the best.

Of the five businesses, four made several efforts in gaining support in this poll.  When I was creating this weeks poll I was a little hesitant to include Maggie Moos, because they had over 6,000 followers, six times as many as Iceberg, which had the second most.  Maggie Moos was a major chain, as opposed to the others which were more local, or only in a few states.  I thought that if they put in any effort, they would easily be able to win.  Boy was I disappointed. They received 2 votes, which equals less than 0.0003% of their follower count.  Compare this to Coneys who had votes equal to 0.38% of their follower count.

Sub Zero lead most of the way.  They sent out 10 tweets throughout the week and really took this poll seriously, but in the end Coneys was the winner.  Coneys also sent out several tweets, posted it on their Facebook, and had several fans RT or post it as well.

Coneys finished very strong, I don't know if they passed out fliers or something to everyone on dates tonight, but whatever it was, it got them just enough votes.  These two companies both did a very very good job. So congratulations to Coneys for finishing first, Sub Zero second, Iceberg third, then Sammy's in fourth.  As mentioned above, Maggie Moos was a fail of epic proportions.  I will make sure I never set foot inside their business.

Final Poll Results
Coneys: 83
Sub Zero: 77
Iceberg: 48
Sammy's: 22
Maggie Moo's: 2

Total Votes: 228

So for those of you that voted Coney's, tell us why.  For those that may have never been there, what would you suggest they try first?  What makes Coney's such a great place?  Disagree, or want to tell us why you think people should have voted differently?  Please add an honest, but polite, comment below.  I hope you are enjoying this blog as much as I am, see you next week!  Oh, and if you have an idea or suggestion for a future poll, you can let me know that as well.


  1. Had I seen this earlier, I would have totally voted for Maggie Moos! Hands down the BEST ice cream place.

  2. Coney's is the bomb and the custard is amazing. It has a very smooth texture and a great taste. Not only do their "dairy products" rock, but the burgers are by far the best ones I have ever had! Double cheese with grilled onions, bacon, and guacamole... enough said! All around a great joint.

  3. Coney's new thing is their gourmet Hot Dogs, which are delicious, but you can never go wrong with the Coney's Cheeseburger. Trust me, you won't regret it! As for their desserts, which this poll was about, their flavor of the day custard is a great treat at a fair price. I've never had a bad one yet!

  4. The dessert is the best. I have tried every flavor of their amazing custard, but my favorite is a vanilla cyclone with brownie and peanut butter topping mixed in!! And you can't beat the burgers. They are the best around. I always leave satisfied.

  5. The flavor of the day is a great way to try something new, and the lemon chiffon is the perfect summer treat! My kids and I are definitely what you would call "regulars" at Coney's. And if you haven't tried the Sonoran- you don't know what you're missing!

  6. Coney's has such a fun and friendly atmosphere. The custard is always a delight. The texture is so smooth! And the taste is to die for! You can never go wrong with the flavor of the day...It's always GREAT!! The food at Coney's is TOP RATE!! The best burgers in the Valley by far!